How to generate a custom section report

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This report is accessible only for PREMIUM subscription users



1. What is a custom section report

In a custom section report, you pick the custom metrics and dimensions and decide how they should be viewed at a time. This report also gives you the scope to include additional information that you may not have been able to include or capture in the other default reports with our pre-set metrics and dimensions.



You can generate this report with three filters: techpack, folder, and keyword


Techpack - The report will be generated for the selected techpacks.

Folder - The report will contain all the techpacks in the selected folder.

Keyword - The report will contain all the techpacks with your provided keywords.





2. How to generate a custom section report


Make sure you have added custom sections within the techpacks you are generating this report for.



Step 1: Click on the menu icon mceclip0.png located in the top left corner of your account.




Step 2: Click on this Reports option from the dropdown menu. 




Step 3: Click on + add report in the top navigation bar to generate a new report.




Step 4: Go to add reports and type the mceclip1.png name of the report. Next, under the type of report field select the mceclip2.png custom section from the dropdown options.





Step 5: In this object selection field you are going to filter the techpacks you wish to include in the report. 

mceclip4.png Select the source of your techpack search by techpack name itself, a specific folder, or through a keyword.  mceclip3.png type in your search query here to look for a particular object.




Please enter at least 4 characters in the object name or otherwise the filter would not be activated.



Step 6:  Click on mceclip5.png filter and the list of all the techpacks under that object will appear.





Step 7:  Click on mceclip6.png add to add that techpack in the report. You can also select mceclip3.png add all to report to include the whole list. 

Step 8: Click on mceclip8.png next. You will see a new pop-up window, that will list all the individual custom section matrics.



Step 9:  Click on mceclip6.png add to add that custom section metrics in the report. Click on mceclip3.png generate report to generate a custom section report.




The custom section report for the selected metrics for  mceclip6.png the selected techpacks will be generated as shown below.




You can also customize your report by adding or removing certain data columns from these Manage columns Vector1.png  and manage rows row-icon.png icon located at the top-right corner of your report.



Step 10: From this Vector1.png manage column  option simply use this tick_box.png check boxes to add/remove certain data sets from your report as per your requirement.




The gif below shows how to customize your report columns.




Step 11: From this row-icon.png manage rows option simply use this tick_box.png check boxes to add/remove certain data sets from your report as per your requirement.



The  Manage Rows drop-down list as shown in the above image reflects the default values entered as mceclip6.png headers of your horizontal dimensions in your custom section metrics. The example is shown below.



You can also download the report as a CSV file by clicking on this DOWNLOAD.jpg.png download icon located in the top right corner of the report.






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