What do I need to use Techpacker?

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Techpacker is an online application that can run on any computer with a good Internet connection and works with all modern browsers. Here are other few important specifications we recommend our users for a smooth Techpacker experience-  


Browser reccomendation 

We highly recommend using Google Chrome with the last two stable releases. We also support Safari (Version 10.0 or higher) & Firefox (last two stable releases).

We do NOT support internet explorer at this time.


Other System recommendation 

Operating system: Techpacker supports Desktops and laptops therefore OSX and Windows8 are fully supported.

Storage: To get the best experience, a minimum of 8GB of RAM is highly recommended and 500MB of free space.

Screen size: We also recommend a minimum of 13 inches of screen size for best results. We do NOT support iPads and Phones at this time therefore Android or iOS are not supported but we do have plans to add those within our product roadmap.



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