Step 2: Add cards In your Techpack

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1. What are cards

Cards represent individual elements of a design that together comprise a tech pack. There are 4 types of cards you will be using to build tech packs that you will be adding to your Techpacker board. 




                image1.png                                 image2.png                               image8.png                            Alphabet-d.png                          


image1.png Sketch cards: These hold information about the details or the artwork of your design like front/back views, construction diagrams, logos, patterns, prints, etc.

image2.png Material cards: These contain information about the different types of materials you will use in your design such as fabrics, trims, hardware, labels, packaging, etc.

image8.png Measurement cards: These indicate all of the individual points of measurements (POM's) of your design like chest, waist, underarm length, HPS length, etc.

Alphabet-d.png Custom section cards: These cards add/manage other types of information that are not covered in the default section like -Fit or QA(quality assurance) information, print details, stitch details, quantity and cost, packaging, etc.




2. How to add cards

When you open a techpack, you will find the three sections that constitute your techpack board page: sketches, materials, and measurements.

To add cards you can:


2a. Drop images to create cards 

You can bulk upload your design-related images in any of the 3 sections. Techpacker will create a card for each image and even match each card name with its original file name.  




2b. Click the +Add button 

You can also click the + Add sketch, + Add material or + Add measurement, and create cards inside their corresponding section.



2c. Through a csv file

You can also import your material or measurement section table from an excel file. The file has to be in a CSV format with all material or measurement details listed on it. This will save you time as you can already copy an existing table from your system onto your techpack

Click here to learn more.




3. How to add card details

Each card hosts a set of information related to a particular detail of your design. As you create a new card or click inside a current one, you’ll see tabs lined up in the top section to keep all of your card data organized. Introduce the specific information in each tab to define the card.




If you do not see the tabs in the top section of the card, click on the Combined_Shape.png icon to switch from Step View to Tab View.




4. How to move cards

You can move the cards within their own sections i.e., sketches, materials, and measurements respectively by using the drag_and_drop.png icon for drag and drop as shown in the gif below. You can also similarly move the cards of a particular section to that library type only.





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