How to Annotate on a Card Sketch

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1. What are annotations and how to add them to a card image?

Annotations are basically a note of explanation or comments call-outs added on a specific detail of your sketch. So when you include these sketches in your tech pack, the manufacturers can understand your exact design requirements and develop high-quality products. 

Here's how to annotate with callouts on any sketch: 


First, upload an image inside the Image & Annotations Tab of your card.  





Then click and drag lines over specific details of your sketch.  A corresponding callout field will appear on the right. You can also curve your annotated lines by simply moving the midpoints of any line a shown below.





You can also add your annotations by using the shortcut of (# or Shift+3) referencing in annotations. When you click # or Shift+3 in the annotations, the list of all the cards name present in all the sections appears from where you can select and that would appear as your annotation comment. This will save you time and keep the data uniform throughout.




If required, you can also add text directly on your card image as shown below. To learn more click on this link to see how it works. 




2. How to customize annotations 


2a. Select annotation type or color:


To change the annotation color, and type of arrow:

Step 1: Click on the 61140.png icon right next to the annotation you want to edit.

Step 2: Select the Alphabet-a.png color and type of Alphabet-b.png arrow of the annotation as per your preference.






2b. Select alphabetical or numerical callout labels:


Step 1: Click on this dots-vertical1.jpg option icon.


annotations options.png



Step 2: From the drop-down menu, choose between numerical and alphabetical labels for your callouts.






2c. To edit offset annotation settings:

At any time you can change the starting sequence of your alphabetical or numerical annotation callouts from this offset start of settings option as shown below.

For example, the callout labels can be off-set to start from A to D on one sketch and can start from E onwards on the other to maintain a flow.

Offset labels are useful when you are annotating different parts of the design on multiple sketches and make it easier for your manufacturers to understand your design requirements. 








3. How to delete or reorder annotations 


3a. To delete annotations:


Step 1: Click on the dots-vertical1.jpg option icon. Right next to the annotation you want to delete.

Step 2: Click on Delete Annotation from the drop-down and then select Yes





3b. To reorder annotated callouts:

To reorder your callout list, click and hold on to the equal.png icon and drag to reorder the list as desired. The callout will be automatically renumbered according to its new place in the list. 






4.  How to replace, rotate or remove the card image 

Very often during the design development process, the sketches and their details get revised.

To update your card images without losing its annotations, click on the dots-vertical1.jpg option icon, and use the Upload/switch image, Rotate image, or Remove image option to perform the respective action.


replace, rotate and remove card image.png




5.  How to preview annotated images and their callouts in the PDF 

To preview how your annotated images and their callout comments will look inside a techpack PDF, click on the Combined_Shape__1_.png DOC VIEW button located on the top navigation bar and scroll down the respective PDF document where the card appears.





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