How to Copy, Connect, Delete or Archive Cards

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1. How to copy cards in the techpack

There are two ways to copy your cards in the techpack - 


1a. Copying cards in the same techpack

  • Step 1: Select the card(s) that you want to copy.
  • Step 2: Click the  option menu located on the top navigation bar.
  • Step 3: Select   Make a copy option and a duplicate of your selected card(s) will be added to the corresponding category.





1b. Copying cards to different techpack(s)


Step 1: mceclip4.png Select the card(s) that you want to copy.

Step 2: mceclip5.png Click the  option menu located on the top navigation bar.




Step 3: From the menu options select Copy to another Techpack




Step 4: mceclip6.png Select the techpack folder where the techpack is located. By default, Techpacker will highlight the same folder you are selecting the cards from. 

Step 5: Alphabet-d.png Select the techpack in which the cards need to be copied. 





Step 6: You can also choose to copy cards to multiple techpacks at the same time. In this case, simply select multiple techpacks where you want to copy your card(s) as shown in the gif below:




Step 7: At last, you will get these options to copy your card(s) with or without comments and attachments







2. How to archive a card or restore a previously archived card

To archive cards:  

  • Step 1: Select the cards(s) that you wish to archive.
  • Step 2: From the  Option menu select ic_archive_black_24dp_1x.png Archive option as shown below.




To restore archived cards: 

  • Step 1: From the  Option located on the top navigation bar select Show archived.
  • Step 2: Select the card(s) that you wish to restore.
  • Step 3: Go back to the  Option and select package-up.png Restore from the archive.







3. How to copy and connect cards between techpacks

To connect and disconnect cards between techpacks - 

3a. How to connect cards across techpacks


Only PLM Professional and PLM Premium plan users can connect cards across techpacks


If you want to use the same card (e.g. a fabric card) in a different techpack, and would like to keep the card details synchronized across all tech packs where it's being used, you should use our connect card feature. Here's how to works : 


  • Step 1: Select the cards(s) that you wish to connect.
  • Step 2: From the  Option located in the top navigation bar select  link.png Connect to another tech pack as shown below.
  • Step 3: Select the folder where the techpack is located
  • Step 4: Select the techpack where you want to copy and connect the card.





You can identify a "connected" card through this icon link.png next to them, as shown below.





3b. How to disconnect cards

Click open the card that you wish to disconnect.

Inside the Card cover tab > card links, you will be able to view all the techpacks that the card is connected to. To disconnect the link, click on this Remove link option and confirm.






4. How to delete card/cards


To delete cards:  

  • Step 1: Select the cards(s) that you wish to delete.
  • Step 2: From the  Option menu select deleteicon.png Delete option as shown below.




When you want to delete all the cards from the material and measurement sections, you are required to also delete columns via the column manager. To learn how to delete a column click on this article.




5. How to copy cards to libraries

To copy card to a library - 

Step 1: Select a card or multiple cards from the section that you wish to copy to a library.


Screenshot_2023-11-13_at_1_55_58 PM.png


Step 2: From the  Option mceclip4.png menu located on the top navigation bar, select this Copy To Library mceclip5.pngoption as shown below.




Step 3: Select the library where you want to copy the cards.

Cards can be ONLY copied to their corresponding library type. For example, sketch cards can be copied only to sketch libraries, Material cards to material libraries, and so forth. Learn more about libraries here.


Screenshot_2023-11-13_at_2_07_24 PM.png



Step 4: Click on Copy mceclip4.png and select to Copy cards with or without comments and attachments mceclip5.png

copy cards with or without comments.png


Step 5: Your cards will successfully be copied to the selected library.

Screenshot 2023-11-13 at 2.23.57 PM.png


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