How to use techpack stages

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1. How techpack stages work




Stages let you and your team get a bird's eye view of how product development is progressing for the seasons/designs. From design to approvals or sample rounds to production, you can assign stages to your Techpacks and view them at a glance at any time.

So in short, you can create custom stages, and assign stages to all your techpacks, filter your techpacks stage-wise, now you may identify bottlenecks quickly and this keeps your entire team on track.



2. How to add and manage stages


2a. For a particular folder 


Step 1: On the Stages bar at the bottom of your Techpack Dashboard, click on the gear-icon settings icon.




Or if you are in stage-view-.png Stage view, click here on the gear-iconsettings icon in the top left corner.




Techpacks without Stages assigned to them will not appear on stage-view-.png Stage view. Make sure to switch to List or Grid view and assign stages to all your techpacks.


In the stages settings, you can:

mceclip4.png Rearrange your stages’ order by dragging.

mceclip5.png Rename your stages

mceclip6.png Delete stages

Alphabet-d.png Add custom stages





2b. For the entire organization

You can also select stages as default for your entire organization. Each time a team member creates a new folder, these default stages will be available to them. This helps in keeping the stages consistent across your entire organization. 



Here's our guide on how to manage default stages via organization settings.



3. How to assign a stage to a Techpack


There are two ways to assign a stage to a techpack: 


3a. From your techpack dashboard 

Once you click on any folder, there are three dashboard views available in the top right corner namely - stage-view-.png Stage view (default), gridn.png Grid view and listn.png List view. 



You can manually assign stages to your techpacks when in grid gridn.png view or list listn.png view.


Step 1: If you are viewing your techpacks in gridn.png grid view, click on this grey dot located on the bottom-right corner of your selected Techpack.




Or if you are viewing your techpacks in listn.png list view, the grey dot will be located here -




Step 2: Select a Stage. Click Done.



 Notice the colored circle  Screen_Shot_2018-12-13_at_2.52.00_PM.png . This indicates your Techpack’s stage.


If you are in the stage.png Stage view, your techpacks are directly added under their assigned stages and are listed under each as shown in the below image.



You can assign stages by dragging and dropping the techpacks to the desired stages. 




If you haven't assigned any stage to a techpack, that techpack will not show in the stage view dashboard.


3b. From inside your techpack settings


Step 1: Click on this gear-icon gear icon to open techpack settings.



Step 2: Click on this dot located right next to the techpack name as shown in the gif below.

Step 3: From the drop-down options select the stage. Done. 




4. How to filter Techpacks by stage


Step 1: Go to your Techpack Dashboard. Your stages are lined up on the bar at the bottom.




Step 2: Click on your desired stage. Only the techpack(s) assigned to that stage will be filtered and displayed on your Techpack Dashboard.




Click on the stage again to disable the filter.




If you are in stage.png Stage view, go to your Techpack Dashboard. Your techpacks are listed under each stage as shown below image.







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