How to change or upgrade subscription

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Step 1: Sign in to your Techpacker account.


Step 2:  Slide out your side menu by clicking the icon on your screen's top-left corner.  Under accounts & settings click on Alphabet-c__1_.pngSubscription & Upgrade.  



Step 3: You will be directed to your subscription page where  it will show you the plan you are currently subscribed to. 

To change your subscription:

  •  Select a plan you'd like to switch to. 
  •  Select the total number of users you would like to have in your organization
  • Alphabet-d.png Choose to pay monthly or yearly 
  • Alphabet-e.png You can see the total amount for your subscription
  • Click on Subscribe button to continue with the subscription that you have selected. 



Step 4: Click on Proceed to confirm your selection.



Step 5: A new page will open up.

  • Is the details of your upgraded subscription plan 
  • Enter shipping information
  • Enter card details to make the payment 

Click on Subscribe button and it's done!

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