How to download invoices

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At any time you can preview your invoice history or even download them right through your account. 

Here's how it works-  


Step 1: Sign in to your Techpacker account.


Step 2: Slide out your side menu by clicking the icon on your screen's top-left corner.  Under accounts & settings click on Alphabet-c__1_.png payment method.




This is your Billing and payments page where you'll find all your invoices & transactional information available in a single view. 



Step 3: Scroll down at the bottom of your billing and payments page. Click on the invoice that you wish to download from the Invoice history list.04_NEW.jpg


Step 4: A new window will pop up. Click  to download your invoice and  your payment receipt.



You will be notified in case we cannot process your payment due to card expiration or cancellation etc. 



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