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Who can use this feature?
 PLM premium and PLM professional

1. How the costing template works

You can use our costing template to calculate your material costs.

costing template.png

An example of a costing template


This template extracts the names of your Material Cards and lists them all in this table along with formula presets to calculate costing. This will save you from painstakingly assembling tables from scratch on Excel and shuffling between spreadsheets.




2. How to create a costing table


Make sure when you add any techpack, you assign a stage to it. Here's our chapter on how to add cards.


Step 1: In your techpack board, list all your materials inside  Materials section. Don’t forget to name them.

Step 2: Click on  New section at the bottom of your Cards Board.




Step 3: A windows will appear featuring different custom section types. Select Costing and click + Create at the bottom of the dialogue.create costing section.png




Step 4: A dialogue window will appear to rename this new section. Type in your new section name here  and click Done  




Step 5: Once you update the section name, this Excel-like costing table will appear on your cards board. The names of your Material Cards are automatically listed in the  Description column.  

img4.jpg Costing table example without an image 


Enter your  Consumption units and  Cost per unit. The Total will be automatically calculated for you.


The default formula in place is Consumption x Cost per unit = Total


Step 6: All costing table information is enclosed within a card in this custom section. You can simply name the card (as shown below) or can open the card settings dialogue by clicking the Vector.png gear icon to provide details like the card name, description, an image, keywords, or to even add comments. 



 Costing table example with an image 



Discover how to use custom section for other purposes including:




3. How to customize the table

You can customize your costing table by clicking on this Vector1.png icon located on the top right corner of the table.



A table menu will slide down where you can -

mceclip4.png Add color to the cell or text

mceclip5.png Align the text - left, right, or center

Alphabet-c.png Format of the text in the cells - text, number, or decimal

Alphabet-d.png Conditional formatting is like the comparison of the values - lesser than, greater than or equal to.

E.png Insert row or column

mceclip6-01.png Use formulas for calculations using the rows and columns





How to make calculations in the Custom section?

Your custom sections can also perform many calculations for you, just like an Excel spreadsheet. 

For demonstration purposes, here's a quick example of how to use the custom section row and column measurements for trim costing in a techpack:


Step 1: Identify a particular cell for your calculations. For example, in the image below to the cell value for button quantity will be B1. The Column (A, B, C, D, etc) and the row (1,2,3,4, etc).



Step 2: Now, if you want to multiply the trims (eg. button) with per unit cost 


- You will type = sign,

- followed by the cell value B1 (for button quantity),
- then the calculation icon of your choice e.g. (multiply ( * ), sum (+), subtract (-) or divide (/) etc.), 
- and cell value C1 (for cost per piece).

 The formula will be =B1*C1. Press enter. You will get the total costing of buttons.



Here is the gif to explain further:



Similarly, if you want to divide the values, you will type =B1/C1 and press enter.


You can also add row values, for example, if you want to add the total quantity of trims (button+zipper), you will type =B1(for button quantity)+B2(for zipper quantity) and press enter. You will get the total value. You can subtract quantity values by typing =B1-B2(enter).





4. How to archive, delete or rearrange the section

Click on this option icon located next to your custom section name. 


A table menu will slide down where you can -






5. How to preview your costing table in the PDF

You can preview your costing table inside your Techpack PDF by clicking on the Screen_Shot_2019-01-11_at_7.22.08_PM.png on the top navigation menu. Select the costing section and wait for a couple of seconds for the PDF to render again with the section/s.





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