How to preview, print or download a Techpack

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1. How do I preview a design techpack?

You can preview all of your design cards in a PDF-ready techpack document at any time. This will require that you switch your card view to Doc View from the top navigation bar as shown below.


Doc View.png

Once you click on the Doc View, all of your design cards with their related information will be visible in the PDF preview of the techpack.

To edit the layout of this document, read more in our chapter about document settings.



2. How to print a techpack

To print a techpack, click on this print icon printer.png as shown below and adjust your printer preferences.





3. How to download techpacks

To download a techpack PDF on your computer, click on the download icon download__4_.png as shown below.






4. Troubleshooting

While previewing a techpack, if you see an error as shown in the image below, it simply means your settings on your chrome browser are incorrect. You can easily fix this issue by updating the PDF viewer settings of your browser. Follow this article to see how it's done. 








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