How to attach files, comments and other design artwork in a card

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Designers often wish to include additional style information in their techpacks like artwork illustrations, design details, print details, etc to share with their manufacturers.

This can be easily done from this files and comments tab located in each card of your techpack. Here you can attach your additional files these formats: psd, ai, excel, doc, cad, pdf and more.




Let's further dive-in to learn how you can attach your files and comments in any given techpack and print or exclude them in your PDF. 




1. How to add comments or attach files in a card

Step 1: Click on this gear-icon gear icon located next to a card of your choice.



Step 2: As the card opens click on this files & comments tab.



Step 3: Click on this54525.svgattachments icon.

Step 4: Browse your computer to select the file you wish to upload. The max file size in files/comments can be up to 250MB per file.

Step 5: Add a comment by typing in the comment area provided

Step 6: Click on add file to upload the file.






2. How to delete comments and files from a card

Step 1: Click on this gear-icon gear icon located next to a card of your choice.



Step 2: Click on the files & comments tab.




Step 3: Click on this Image result for delete icon delete icon located next to the file or comment you want to delete.





Step 4: A pop-up window will appear, select yes confirm your action. Please note, once the file are deleted they cannot be recovered. 







3. How to copy comments and files from a card to another techpack

Step 1: mceclip4.png Select the card/cards you want to copy.

Step 2: mceclip5.png Click this  option menu located on the top-right corner of your navigation bar.


Step 3: Select the Copy to Techpack option from the dropdown menu.


Step 4: Locate the techpack where you wish to copy the card information. Select the mceclip6.png techpack folder then the Alphabet-d.png techpack. 



Step 5: At last select the option Copy with comments and attachments. 



The cards will be copied from one techpack to another with all the comments and files.




4. How to include/exclude the files in the pdf

To include your files and comments in your techpack PDF,

Step 1: Click on the file-document.png DOC VIEW button located on the top-navigation bar. 



Step 2: Go to the Doc Settings, once the pdf opens up.

Step 3: Select the include comments and include files by checking the box located on the left of each.

Step 4: Scroll down the pdf and you can see a separate page for your comments and files.  



You will find an additional page in your PDF with downloadable links of all your file as shown above. As a security measure to avoid misuse of your confidential files, all downloadable links added in your PDF automatically expires after 7-days of generating it . These files, however, are always saved in your cards board and can be reincluded in a new PDF at any time.


You can also choose to exclude the files and comments in your Techpack PDF. Check off the include comments and files options to exclude them from the PDF.




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