How to export data from Techpacker to excel

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1. How to export techpack as a .csv file

Who can use this feature?
 PLM premium and PLM professional

You can directly download the data in a csv format from your techpacks on Techpacker so you can further edit it as required.

The downloaded csv file does not include images.


Step 1: Inside the techpack dashboard page, select the mceclip4.png techpack or techpacks that you want to download data from, and click mceclip5.png  option menu located on the top navigation bar. 



Step 2: A window appears with a list of options. Select download as .csv from the options available. The data from the techpack will be downloaded to your system.



All the cards and their information of the selected techpack/techpacks including the columns and the rows will be downloaded in the csv format. 





2. How to export the techpack as .xlsx file

Who can use this feature?
 PLM premium


Excel download is available only for professional users.


You can download a techpack in the .xlsx format from Techpacker in two ways:


2a. From the option icon

Step 1: Click on the Doc View on your techpack board



Step 2: Click on the versions option right next to doc settings.



Step 3: Select the version you would like to download in excel format. Learn how to create a version



Step 4: Click on this  option icon mceclip4.png, followed by mceclip5.png Download as Excel option from the menu



All the cards and their information on the techpack including the columns and the rows will be downloaded in the .xlsx format with images. 



2b. From the  download-excel.png download excel icon.

Click on the download-excel.png download excel icon located under versions tab. You can directly download the excel format from here.






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