How to switch organizations?

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On Techpacker, a user can be a part of multiple organizations with the same registered email id. To switch-in between different organization workspace, follow these steps below- 


Step 1: Sign in to Techpacker.

Step 2:  Slide out your side-menu by clicking  icon located on the top-left corner of your screen.

Step 3:  Click on switch organization under account and settings.




Step 4: In a new window, all the organizations you are associated with and your role there will be clearly listed. Simply click on the switch option to access any organization at any time.  



You can only be an admin of one organization at a time with the same registered email ID. Once you switch to other's organizations, your access to features like adding members in your organization, add-folders, delete folders, edit techpacks, etc. depends on the role and permissions you are assigned.




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