How to search, filter and rearrange cards

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1. How to search for a card

Our global search feature is the most efficient way to search for a card.



Simply type in the name of your card as a keyword in this search box as shown below. Techpacker will list down all the cards(s) with similar names/keywords. Simply click to navigate to a card.





2. How to filter a card in a techpack

You can locate cards in a particular techpack using the filter-variant.png filter icon located on the top navigation bar. 

 There are two ways to filter your techpack cards - 


2a. Filter by card name 

Step 1: Click on the filter icon filter-variant.png located on the top navigation bar.




Step 2: In the search bar mceclip0.png simply type in the card name. You will get the required card prompt.




2b. Filter by card keywords 

Make sure you have added keywords in the card. Learn about how to add keywords in a card ➔


Click on the same filter icon filter-variant.png located on the top navigation bar as shown above in point 1a

All existing keywords associated with your techpack cards will be listed at the bottom mceclip1.png of your filter window. Simply select your keyword/s and Techpacker will automatically filter the associated cards for you. filter-by-card-keyword__1_.jpeg

Currently this filter by keywords option is only available for sketches, materials, and measurement cards. Your custom section cards will not be visible.






3. How to rearrange cards in a techpack   

There are two ways to rearrange your techpack cards - 


3a. Rearrange cards by the sort icon

Step 1: Click on this sort-variant.pngsort icon located on the top navigation bar of each techpack section - Sketches, Materials, and Measurements.





Step 2: These sort options will drop-down




Select an option to sort your cards:
Alphabet-a.png Sort your cards alphabetically from the letter A to Z, 
Alphabet-b.png Sort your cards alphabetically from the letter Z to A 

Alphabet-c__1_.png Most recently added card first, and

Alphabet-d.png Most recently added card at the last




3b. Rearrange cards manually

You can manually rearrange cards in each section by grabbing a card from this Untitled-1-01-01-01.png icon and drag-drop them in any order you prefer.




Currently sorting cards function is only available in default techpack sections i.e. sketches, materials, and measurements.


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