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Who can use this feature?
 PLM premium and PLM professional


1. How table extension works

Table extension is used when you have a lot of data in your default sections tables i.e.- sketches, materials, and measurements, and your PDF looks too cramped making it hard for your manufacturer or teams to read.

For e.g. in the below material section, you might have too many details for the listed items.




This table might look too cramped when you generate a PDF 



This is precisely how table extension helps by splitting your data in a table form between multiple selections so it can be presented in multiple sheets in your PDF.


Below is an example of a material extension table for the selected details of the listed BOM items  - 


 and when you see the PDF it's easily readable.





2. How to create a table extension

Step 1: On your cards board page, add a  new section at the bottom




Step 2: A dialogue will pop up featuring different types of custom sections. Select table extension



Step 3: Select from the drop-down list  the type of default section namely sketches, material and measurement that you wish to create the extension for.




Step 4: Here you can select the Alphabet-b.png columns and rows that you wish to include in your table extension. Both the columns and the rows here are extracted from the default section you chose above.




Step 5: Click on + Create button at the bottom of the window.




Step 5: Another dialogue window will appear to rename this new section. Type in your new section name here  and click Done  




Step 6:  An Excel-like extension table will be added to your board along with the  card names of whichever default section you selected in Step 2 and the selected details related to those cards.




3. How to customize the table

You can customize your table by clicking on this Vector1.png icon located in the section menu.



A table menu will slide down with these actions- 




4. How to rename, archive, delete, or rearrange the section

Click on this 61140.png option icon located next to your custom section name. 



A table menu will slide down where you can select from any of the mentioned actions- 




5. How to preview your table extension in the PDF

To preview your extension table/s in your Techpack PDF, click on the Screen_Shot_2019-01-11_at_7.22.08_PM.png option located on the top navigation menu.

Select your table extension from the document settings and wait for a couple of seconds for the PDF to rerender. 




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