How to use the notification center

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Who can use this feature?
 PLM premium and PLM professional



1. How to access notification 

You can access your notifications by clicking on this bell icon Group.png on the upper-right corner of any page inside your account. 





2. When will I receive a notification 

You will receive notification:

  1. When your team member tags you on a card
  2. When you are added or removed from a folder
  3. Three days prior to the due date of a card 
  4. When your manufacturer replies to the techpack you shared




3. How to filter notifications

You can filter your notifications based on your requirements to have a more controlled line of communication on your techpacks. 

Here is how you can do it:


Step 1: Click on the bell icon Group.png on your page's upper right corner to access your notifications as explained above. Click on the Filter option.



Step 2: A drop-down menu slides down. You can filter your notifications ,by click on the tick_box.png tick boxes as per your requirements based on files, card due dates, organization member and manufacturer comments



Here is a gif to show you how:



You can also select multiple filters to further narrow down your notifications as show in the gif below.



If you want to reset your filters, click on the Reset filter option at the bottom in the drop-down menu. Your notifications will reset to default no-filter mode.




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