How to assign approval status and due-dates to cards

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Our card due-dates and approval status feature are excellent tools to monitor the progress of your product development. You can assign deadlines to particular cards of a Tech Pack, or set approval status to them in order to always deliver on time.



1. What are the approval status and due dates?

You can use the card settings on Techpacker to set approval statuses and due dates for organizing your project goals and dates. This feature is particularly helpful for material sourcing, design, and fit approval deadlines.

You can set the status of the card as pending, approved or rejected. You can assign due dates to each card to set as reminders for approval deadlines.




2. How to assign approval status to a card?

Step 1: Click on the card settings mceclip4.png as shown below.





Step 2: While inside your card settings, under the Status and dates tab, under the title of Approval Status, use this Status option as shown in the Gif below, to assign or update your approval status for this particular card.


The Card image and the corresponding card column on your main page of the tech pack will be color-coded reflecting the status, where Orange means pending, Green means approved and Red means rejected.







3. How to assign a due date to a card?

Step 1: Under the Status and dates tab of any card, click on the Due date option to set a deadline for your approval status.

By setting a due date, a small countdown of the number of days pending for your said approval deadline is flagged on your card column as shown in the gif below.




Now you will have a reminder countdown against the card for easy recall in your process.

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