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Techpacker has become the most popular tool to create tech packs. It's because of our clear focus on our core features and being the best in what we do. However, we continue to get feature requests to do many other tasks. Therefore for everything else, we have integrations.


ApparelMagic is an apparel management software that powers ERP, PLM and CRM for some of the biggest brands in fashion. 


With our simple installation, you can integrate Techpacker with Apparel Magic. This way you can work effectively by automating workflows and using the apps that you are familiar with, save time and reduce errors in exporting and importing data between the platforms. 


Here is how you can do it in a few easy steps. 


You would need active subscription for both Techpacker (Pro Plans) and ApparelMagic for the integrations to work.




Step 1: From the side menu, go to Account & settings > mceclip4.png Organization settings > mceclip5.png Integrations




Step 2: Copy your API Key from ApparelMagic (Settings > API > Tokens) and we would need this key and your ApparelMagic URL endpoint (For example: to connect Techpacker App with ApparelMagic so the data can instantly flow between Techpacker and ApparelMagic. 


It is highly recommended to keep your API key safe and don't give this information to any untrusted sources.





Step 3: To check if your ApparelMagic has been successfully integrated with Techpacker, go back to the Organization settings page on Techpacker, and the button adjacent to ApparelMagic should now say SHOW INFO. If required, you can also use this button to DISCONNECT the integration. 


Step 4: Now let’s start sending product data from Techpacker to ApparelMagic. Pick any tech pack by using the checkbox and from the OPTIONS menu, select Send to ApparelMagic. 






Currently Techpacker supports Sending Techpack Settings data to ApparelMagic. This is because ApparelMagic's API has limitation and doesn't accept images and other information.


Following information will be send from Techpacker to ApparelMagic

Style Name: S/12892 Black & White Tee
Description: Black & White oversized Cotton, Crew Neck T-shirt
*Sizes: S, M, L
*Color Combos: Salt-Pepper, Sea-Sky, Sand-Tree

* Prerequisite: Sizes and Color Combo names are required to pre-exist in ApparelMagic otherwise AM will reject the data. So make sure to select the size range that already has the sizes that you are sending. For color combos, ti should exist in ApparelMagic Dictionaries > Attributes (Coloraa). 


Congratulations, your ApparelMagic integration with Techpacker is now successful. 






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