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1. What is a materials report

A material report is a summary of all materials listed in your techpacks for product development.  This helps keep a tab on the material lists and vendors along with respective milestone dates and stages of sourcing.



You can generate this report by three filters: techpack, folder, and keyword


Techpack - The report will be generated for the selected techpack.

Folder - The report will contain all the techpacks in the selected folder.

Keyword - The report will contain all the techpacks with your provided keywords.





2. How to generate materials report


Make sure to add your material cards in your techpacks before generating the material reports. You can do that through time tracking tool.
Learn more here



Step 1: Click on the menu icon mceclip0.png located in the top left corner of your account.




Step 2: Click on this Reports option from the dropdown menu. 




Step 3: Click on + add report in the top navigation bar to generate a new report.




Step 4: Go to add reports and type the mceclip2.png name of the report.




Select the mceclip6.png materials option from the dropdown option.




Your selection will look like the image below.




Step 5:  Select themceclip2.png object from the dropdown that appears with which you want to filter the chart and mceclip4.png type the name of the object you selected in the space provided.





Please enter at least 4 characters in the object name or otherwise the filter would not be activated.



Step 6:  Click on mceclip3.png filter and the list of all the techpacks under that object will appear.




Step 7:  Click on mceclip3.png add to add that techpack in the report. You can also select mceclip7.png add all to report to include the whole list. 

Step 8: Click on mceclip6.png generate report to generate the materials report.  




The materials report will be generated with:

The stages - Each stage and it's  material cardsmceclip2.png start material name mceclip11.png 

Each mceclip6.png techpack under the set filter appears as a separate row. 




Step 9: Once you get the report, you can also customize your report with any selective information by adding or removing data columns and rows from your techpacks .

You can click on the  Screenshot_2021-07-22_at_2.36.09_AM.png icon to add/remove rows on your report.



 Similarly, to add/remove columns, click on the Vector1.png icon to add/remove columns located at the right top corner of the report.



Step 10: A pop-up called Manage Columns appears on your screen when you click on add/remove rows or column icons where you have the option of choosing information columns and time stages in your report. Click on the tick_box.png tick boxes as per your requirement.

Your report customizes after you have selected your column customization.

Here is a gif to show you how to do it.




Step 11: You can also download the report as a csv file by clicking on the DOWNLOAD.jpg.png download icon located on the top right corner of the report.





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