How to search, filter and rearrange cards in libraries

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Who can use this feature?
PLM premium and PLM professional

1. How to search for a card in a library

Our global search feature is the most efficient way to search for a card in a library.

search for a techpack.png


Simply type in the name of your library card as a keyword in this search box as shown below.  Techpacker will list down all the card(s) in the libraries with a similar name/keyword. Simply click to navigate to a library card.




2. How to filter a card in a library


Step 1: You can locate cards in a particular library using the filter-variant.png filter icon located on the top navigation bar. Click on the icon; a pop-up window will appear.



Step 2: In the search bar simply type in the card name. You will get the required card prompt.




3. How to rearrange cards in a library  

There are two ways to rearrange your library cards - 


3a. Rearrange library cards by the sort icon

Step 1: Click on this sort-variant.pngsort icon located on top of the section.



Step 2: These sort options will drop-down



Select an option to sort your cards: Alphabet-a.png Sort Card names from letter A to ZAlphabet-b.png Sort Card names from letter Z to A Alphabet-c__1_.png Most recently added card first and Alphabet-d.png Most recently added card at the last.




3b. Rearrange library cards manually 

You can manually rearrange cards in the library by grabbing a card from this Untitled-1-01-01-01.png icon and drag-drop them in any order you prefer.




Currently sorting cards function is only available in default sections i.e. sketches, materials, and measurements section.


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