Can I have my logo in the techpack?

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Only the Admins can perform this action.



1. From My Organization page

After you log-in, click on this Menu-01.png options icon. A drop-down list will be extended. Click on the "Organization settings" option. 




Upload your company name, type, size, and logo.




Now whenever you preview your techpack PDF document, you will find your company logo alongside your company name at the bottom of every sheet. 






2. From the side menu

Step 1:  Slide out your side-menu by clicking  icon located on the top-left corner of your screen.      Then click on Account & settings option.  





Step 2: Click on the gear.pngorganization settings option from the menu.





Step 3: Enter your organization details- organization logo, name, type, size, and phone number. Then click on Save Profile.




Remember to click on save profile before leaving. And, next time you preview your Techpack PDF, your company logo will be marked at the bottom of each sheet. 





While you're here, why not update your personal profile and add an image to personalize your account. 


Despite trying the options above, if your logo is still not showing, report this issue here.


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