Step 3: Share or download a techpack

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1. How to preview a techpack?

You can preview all your design cards in a PDF-ready techpack document at any time. To do that simply click on this Combined_Shape1a.png Doc View button on your techpack board page located in the top navigation bar as shown below.





Once you click on the Doc View, Techpacker will render all your cards information and show you a PDF preview of your techpack on a new page. 


Doc View.png



To edit the layout of this document, read more in our chapter about document settings



2. How to share a techpack


Step 1: To share your techpack, click on this Combined_Shape1a.png Doc View button on your techpack board. 


Doc View.png



Step 2: To share a techpack you'll first need to create a version. Click on this Save & Send button in the top-right corner to lock your techpack as a version.


Save and Send_Doc_View.png



Step 3: Your techpack version with a name and time-stamp will be listed on the left side of the screen.  Click on this Send icon to share your techpack. 





Step 4: A window will pop-up with a public link to your techpack PDF doc (as shown below). 

  • Enter your manufacturers' Alphabet-a.png email id (you can add up to 5 emails at once)
  • Edit the subject and the message or keep it as default,
  • Click the B.png Attach PDF box if you are sending it to a manufacturer in China (due to IP restrictions, its always safe to attach a PDF in the email)
  • Click on c.png Email.





You can also image1.png print a techpack by clicking on this icon printer.png as shown below.  







3. How to download techpacks

To download a techpack PDF on your computer, click on this download icon download__4_.png on your Doc view page. You can also download a particular saved version of your techpack by following the steps shown below. 







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