How to use the grading function

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Who can use this feature?
 PLM premium and PLM professional



1. Things to prepare before using the grading function: 


To be able to use the grading function properly you must make sure 

☑  You have your techpack size range set up. If not, you can do that through your techpack settings area

☑  Make sure you have a sample size selected. This too can be selected through your techpack settings area.

☑  Gradings are only functional on your selected size columns. Learn more about the difference between size & non-size columns.

 Make sure no value is added to the measurement chart if you wish to auto-populate the grading value for all the sizes. 





2. How to activate the grading function


 To activate grading click on this icon grading.png located in your measurements options panel. 




3. Switching between measurements & gradings views

Use this toggle button to set your primary view as measurements or gradings.





Once your grading mode is active all your size gradings will be visible at the bottom-right corner of each corresponding measurement cell.




4. How to add your grade rule


Step 1:  Add the measurement chart & make sure all the prerequisites are taken care of.



Make sure no value is added to the measurement chart as shown in the above image if you wish to use the auto-populate feature.


Step 2:  Activate the grading function and switch to your grading view.



Step 3: Enter your grading value in any non-sample size column and press enter . Once you click enter, the grade rules will auto-populate for all the other sizes in the exact same increments for the row as shown in the gif below else enter the value manually for each size. 


If you enter the grading value in a size smaller than the sample size, you must add the -(ve) sign before the value. For eg: (-1/4).




Step 4: Once you have completed adding the grade values, switch back to your measurements view as shown in the gif below.



Step 5: Here you add the measurement for your sample size and it will auto-populate the measurements for other sizes too based on the set grading rule as shown in the gif below. 




5. How to edit your grade rule

You can edit your grade rule or measurement chart by changing the values manually for each size column. The auto-populate function cannot be used when editing an existing measurement chart.


To activate grading, click on this icon grading.png located in your measurements options panel and switch to grading view.






Step 1: Type the grade rule in the size where you want to edit the grading value manually.

Step 2: Toggle back to measurements. The measurements will adjust as per the edited grade rule. 


The gif below explains how it's done using the grade rule.



If you wish to manually adjust your other size measurements directly, deactivate grading by clicking the same grading.png icon and edit your changes accordingly as shown in the gif below.




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