How to manage members in your organization

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Techpacker is a collaborative platform where you can invite your organization members to create and manage your design tech packs in one place.


1. How to add people to your organization


1a. Add new member subscriptions

In order to add a new user in your organization, make sure you have enough seats 

Step 1: Sign in to your Techpacker account.


Step 2:  Slide out your side menu by clicking the icon on your screen's top-left corner.  Under accounts & settings click on Alphabet-c__1_.pngSubscription & Upgrade.  



Step 3: You will be directed to your subscription page where  it will show you the plan you are currently subscribed to. 

To add a user(s) to your active subscription increase the total number of users you would like to have in your organization.

add users in organization.png


Step 4: Click on Proceed to confirm your selection.



Step 5: A new page will open up.

  • Is the details of your upgraded subscription plan 
  • Enter shipping information
  • Enter card details to make the payment 

Click on Subscribe button and it's done!





1b. Add a member to your organization

To start adding members to your account:

  • image1.png Click on this account-multiple.png icon located in your My Organization page as shown below.
  • image2.png Enter the email address of your organization's member here and click the Add User button.
  • This will send out an invitation email with a link to set-up their own user account with a username and password.
  • image8.png As soon as your organization member is set-up and the account is verified, this indicator will change from to green from red.


How to add members in your organization.gif




2. How to remove people from your organization


Only the Admin & Supervisors can perform this action.


To remove someone from the organization: 

  • Click on the manage organization member icon account-multiple.png as shown above. 
  • Click on this deleteicon.png icon located next to the user you wish to remove to instantly disable the account.





3. How to assign roles to members in your organization


Only the Admin & Supervisors can perform this action.


There are 3 types of roles on Techpacker, 
administrators, supervisors and users.

There is only one master admin who sets up the organization account. However, there can be multiple supervisors and users, and their functional permissions vary based on their roles. A few of them are listed at the bottom of this page.

 To assign the role of a supervisor or a user: 

  • Click on the manage organization member area account-multiple.png on your My Organization page as shown above.
  • The default setting assigns all members as users. To assign a Supervisor role to a user use this switch as shown below.



Here is a list of roles and permissions: 


User Permissions




Organization settings

 Change organization name, password, and   other info


 Remove people from the organization

 Change roles in the organization

 Add people to the organization

Folder settings

 View all folders

 Delete folders

 Remove people from folders

 Move team techpacks to the personal   folder

 Add new folders

 Copy Folders

 Add people to folders

 Move techpacks to the organization folder

Techpack settings
 Add/edit stages


 Archive techpacks

 Assign stage

 Remove stage

 Edit Time tracking

Export settings
 Export techpacks in .CSV format

 Download techpack as Excel file

Library settings
 Access/Create libraries


 Delete libraries

Other functions
 Subscription changes

 Create and access reports

 Add manufacturers




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