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1. What is the maximum size of the card image that can be uploaded?

On Techpacker the maximum size of each card image uploaded is 5 MB. Whereas if attaching any file within the comment section of the card, upto 250 MB file size can be uploaded.

Any size above that could result in unexpected errors while page loading.




2. What is the standard format for the card image upload?

Card images in either .jpeg, .png, .ai or .psd format can be uploaded on Techpacker.




3. What is the correct dimension of the card image to be uploaded?

The recommended dimension for crisp quality card images on Techpacker is anything around 1200px height X 800px width. 

For Adobe Illustrator: If you are using a lot of artboards per illustrator file, then we recommend the artboard dimensions as 8"width x6" height. This will ensure that each image uses the entire height and width of the paper format when converted to PDFs. 

To further enhance the quality of the images on PDFs, you can also activate Hi-Res mode. 




4. Why the card image/s are not clear or blurry in the pdf?

Whenever a card image is uploaded on Techpacker, we store both an original as well as an optimized version of that image. By default, the optimized version of the images is displayed on the PDF. This is to keep your PDF file small (around 2MB) and shorten the PDF render time.

However, you can choose to keep the original size of the image by clicking on the High Res images option from the Document Settings as shown below. Doing so will make your images crisp but your PDF file size will be bigger.






5. Why does the card image gets rotated?

When photos are taken from the phone and uploaded,  it stores the orientation information as metadata and because of that, the image is rotated. In order to fix it, you can use the rotate feature and correct the orientation of your image.





6. What is the recommended image format for personal and organization profile settings?

The recommended guidelines for the image to be uploaded in personal and organization profile is 500px X 500px or 5" X 5". The image should be square and bordered. 

You can drag and drop your image from your system for the image to upload.




You can also click on the dotted circle and inside to click on an image you would to upload from your system for your profile as shown in the gif below.




If you haven't set up your personal profile yet, You can learn to do it here.

You can follow the same drag and drop or click to upload way for your organization profile as well.




To see how to set up your organization profile, click here.

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