How to Sign-up and set-up account?

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1. How to sign up?

To sign-up on Techpacker you need to open your internet browser and then follow these steps:

We highly recommend using Google Chrome with the last two stable releases. We also support Safari (Version 10.0 or higher) and Firefox (the last two stable releases). We do NOT support internet explorer at this time.

Step 1: Type on your Chrome or another browser recommended above.

Step 2: Click on any ‘Try For Free’ button located on the landing page.





Step 3: You will be taken to a form where you will need to input your details to create your Techpacker account. Check the A.png box to agree with our terms of service. Press B.pngSign up Free’ to enter your details.




Step 4: You will then be asked to verify your email address. You may also be prompted to book a call with our Customer Success Team, who will help you set up your account. 




Step 5: Once you open your mailbox, you will see an email from with a link.

Click on the link as shown below



Also, in some instances, we have noticed that this email ends up in the junk or promotional folder of the email inbox, specifically if it's the first time a user is receiving this email. Therefore, we would recommend you to search for Techpacker OR subject: "To Verify your Email Address" and move the email to your primary inbox to avoid missing any of our future emails. 


If you are using an email client like OSX Mail, it may take up to an hour to fetch the mail with the verification link. We suggest using a browser-based email client. 




2. How to set up your account


When you click on the verification link sent to your inbox, a window appears to set-up your account where you need to enter your information.


Step 1: Click on My Profile present at the bottom of the window that appears.





Step 2: Enter your personal information A.png Name, B.png Profile, and c.png upload a profile image.

Step 3: Click on Organization settings at the bottom.





Please follow this article for recommended profile image formats in personal and organization settings.



Step 4: Enter the organization details A.png organization Name, B.png organization Type, c.png organization size, D.png contact no. and  E.png organization logo.





Step 5: Click on Done after doing all the entries and you are set to go with your new account on Techpacker with a Personal Folder which has some free reference templates.





All caught up? Now comes the fun part. Let’s create your first Tech pack.

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