Missing folder, techpack or cards

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In case you notice that your card, techpack, or folder is missing, follow these 6 simple steps- 


1) First, (ctrl+shift+R) refresh your page and see if the missing asset reappears. 

2) Completely log out of your account, sign back in, and check. 

3) There are three views available namely stage stage-view-.png, listlist-view-.png, and gridgrid-view.png view. Try switching the techpack board view as shown below. 


If tech packs are not assigned with stages, they won't be visible in the stage-view-.png view. Learn more.


4) Make sure keywords filter option is not active. 

 If the keywords filter option is active, then, mceclip0.pngOnly the selected techpack(s) will be displayed as per mceclip1.png the search term or keywords you have applied as shown below .


5) Make sure that you haven't archived them so check your archive sections. Here is how to locate them:


6) Despite trying the steps above your assets are still missing, report this issue here.





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