How to view or download a client's techpack

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1. How to view a client's tech pack


Step 1: Once you have set up your free manufacturer account on Techpacker, simply sign in to your account using your credentials. 




Step 2: You will be directed to the Home page of your account. Here you will find dedicated folders of all your clients who have shared their tech packs with you. 



Step 3: Once inside a client's folder, you will find the tech packs organized within their sub-folders. Simply click inside a folder to view the shared tech packs.

manufacturer folders.png


Step 4: On the techpack dashboard, you can click and preview a PDF view of a techpack as shown in the gif below. On this document page, you will also find other important details related to that techpack in the left panel of the page. 





2. How to download a client's techpack

After you have clicked on the required techpack of your brand, You will be taken to the document view page of that particular techpack. You can download the techpack document from this page. 


There are two ways to download a client's techpack:


2a. From the download icon on the top panel

You can directly download the techpack document to your system by clicking download icon download__4_.png on the top right corner of the page.




2b. From the option icon on left panel

You can also download the techpack document by clicking onOptions_icons.pngoptions icon on the left panel of the document view. 



A drop-down menu will slide down. You can download your techpack as a PDF or an excel. 


Only the Premium and Professional plan subscribers have access to the Download as Excel feature



The techpack will download to your system for your use.



3. How to print a client's techpack

You can also print the techpack document by clicking on this print_icon.png print icon on the top right corner of the page.



A print window will pop up. Click save button and a copy of the PDF will be saved on your system.




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