How to reuse measurements table as templates

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At any time, you or your organization members can reuse the measurements table in multiple techpacks to avoid spending time entering the same information over and again.

In this article, you'll learn how you can reuse your measurement section as templates through the libraries feature:- 

Who can use this feature?
PLM premium and PLM professional
account-multiple.png Admins and Supervisors



Step 1: From your techpack board page, click on this library icon Vector__Stroke___1_.png located on the top navigation bar. Your library pane will slide out from the right. 





Step 2: Now you will create a new library here to store your measurement cards. To do that, click on this mceclip4.png menu option located on the right side of the screen and select Create library.




Step 3: In this pop-up dialogue name your Alphabet-b.png new library and select measurement mceclip6.png as the card type that you'll be saving here. Click on the create button. 




You need to make sure you select the same type of library corresponding to your card type (sketch, measurement, or materials)


Step 4: Select your Measurement cards from any techpack and simply drag and drop them into your new library.  A window called column mapping should pop out. 

Column mapping helps in manually choosing the relevant data columns associated with the cards when moving them between libraries and destination and keep your techpack data organized. You can learn all about it here.





Step 5: Your new measurement cards library is now ready for you and your team members to use in their new or existing techpacks.

To reuse the cards, select the library and drag all or selected cards int any techpacks. 




Now that you know how to reuse your measurement section, you can also save your material section and reuse them on other techpacks. Here's how it works.



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